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Mn,Cr,Fe,Ni,Cu,Ti Tablet (Hardener)
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  • : 스마트메탈코리아(중국)
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  • : Used to adjust the content of Manganese,ilon,Chromium,Titanium,Copper or Nickel element in manufacture of high quality aluminium alloys.


    Analysis:(Alloying element powder + balance)



     Alloying element in powder


     For tablet will be 2-4 tablets wrapped with aluminium foil

    20kgs or 24kgs in a cardboard box, 1000kgs or 1200kgs on a wooden pallet.

     Fortablet : from 500g 1.333g per tablet.






    ※ Balance : 1. pure aluminnium  2. Non-hygroscopic sodium free  flux  3. Pure Aluminium + Non-hygroscopic sodium free flux.